About you

  • Who is Tassia?

I am a Portuguese-Brazilian born in Rio. My childhood dream was to be successful professionally and I was raised to be an independent, responsible and hardworking woman. This is why I ended up turning into a workaholic.

Friendship is one of the most important things for me. Therefore, I am able to act the exact same way with my friends despite being months or even years away from them.

Family is my true treasure. I try to be as close as I can to my loved ones even if my job takes me a lot of time. Nothing’s more important than family for me.

My main hobby is travelling to new places, learn about new cultures, eat typical plates, which I use to do quite often. Muay Thai is my favourite sport and I love practising it. This sport helps me to get away, relax and control myself.

  • What’s the major difference between Brazil and Belgium?

I do like living in Belgium as it is a receptive country with a good quality of life. Belgium is also a safe place to live.

In Brazil, mostly in the big cities, everything is opened late in the evening. Some stores never even get closed! This is an absolute different place. People in Brazil are extremely kind like nowhere else in the world.

The climate is definitely something that I miss so much. As a good Brazilian from Rio, I love beaches and the warm weather.

  • What do you do in your free time?

I love hanging out with friends to enjoy a typical Belgian beer at the bar or spend time with them around a barbecue. By myself, I appreciate a nice city trip or simply watching TV series. I also try to do some sports but to be honest, I use to procrastinate or being demotivated.

  • A great tip to relax at home according to you is…

A nice beer while having a barbecue or watching TV series.

About your career

  • We now know Tassia as a person, what about Tassia and her career?

When I was still in high school, I had to decide what would be my next step. I thought about becoming an engineer or being engage in some other exact science which I always had an interest in. Afterwards, I realised that I needed a more positive and direct impact with my clients, so after a long reflexion, I decided to start studying tourism management.

Following my studies at the university, I had the opportunity to do an internship as a Tourism guide in the Botanical Garden of Rio de Janeiro, as a business travel agent, a temporary job as coordinator of tourism at the Main bus station of Rio. In 2008, I spent 1 year in the USA (Midway in Utah) for an after-graduation traineeship at The Zermatt Resort and Spa. I had my first encounter with the hotel industry where I learned throughout all departments even though the focus of my experience remained in F&B (breakfast/lunch/ dinner/ banqueting).

After that, I returned to Brazil where I started an internship as a travel consultant where I was selling languages + work programs across the globe. With a good performance, I was promoted as a Sales Manager. This job was available nearby Rio and I worked over there for 5 years.

Then, I felt like I needed to look for new challenges abroad (I was always like a bird). I’ve chosen to go to Belgium as it was a great opportunity to learn at least 1 new language, and even more.

After my arrival, I had 6 weeks of French classes and I kept continue to improve my French with self-study for 6 more weeks to make sure that I got a sufficient level.

In April 2016, I got the opportunity to start at Holiday Inn Brussels Airport as a Lobby Hostess. I worked hard and did many efforts to get my first promotion in Belgium. Then, I became Front Office Supervisor within a year! I’ve never stopped working hard and 6 months later, I’ve been promoted as a Front Office Manager.

1 year and 4 months after I accepted the challenge of becoming the ‘Maitre de Maison’ at Hotel Hubert, here I am!

  • Maitre de what?! What is your role as maitre de maison?

My role is to organize and implement procedures and best practices achieving the productivity and revenue goals including guidance to my staff in order to do so.

Strategic decisions focused on transparency and guest’s satisfaction together with a support team is also part of the job.

And the last, but even more important, I assist the hosts and hostesses to give a great and unique guest experience.

  • What is the most exciting challenge you have as a Maitre de Maison at Hotel Hubert?

To manage more than 1 department at the same time and work with the strategic departments.

  • And the most rewarding thing in your job?

To make people happy by exceeding the expectations of their trip.

  • What have you learnt from mistakes?

Only give opportunities to those who work hard and have proved themselves.

  • A hotel such as Hotel Hubert is very appealing, we admit. But why did you choose it?

It is a great challenge that gives an opportunity to learn and grow as a professional towards the aim that I’ve always had in my mind.

  • Have you ever met Hubert? What is he like?

I did! He is this alternative of a little rock and roll style. That kind of man that loves to be cool, receive visits or make people feel happy. He is always in an amazing mood, always smiling and happy to host his guests. He is also responsible, correct. He’s caring, understanding.

He does not mind so much of luxury, but still craves for quality, comfort and attention to details. Hubert has this huge certitude that technology can make life more practical, simple. This is how it works at his place and I like it pretty much!

About Brussels

  • What is your favourite spot in Brussels?

I would say the Park Cinquantanaire is the place to go. Beautiful spot full of historical architecture, 1 museum and an exposition room that worth the visit.

I also like the Meise Botanic Garden and the Parc of Laeken with it’s amazing greenhouse.

  • Brazil or Belgium?

For now, mainly career wise, Belgium.

However, I’m pretty sure that I will go back to my warm place. I still don’t know when but hopefully, it will be soon.

  • What’s your favourite season?


  • Any recommendations for our guests?

I would recommend the Hallerbos ‘’groene Gordel’, which is a magical forest in Spring, mostly April, with the carpet of Bluebells.

If you are more into a night recommendation, the Delirium bar can offer several types of Belgian beers (more than 2000) on the underground floor. If you feel more like a classic style of pub, La Mort Subite just right next to Hubert is a nice place to go.

My favorite restaurant is El Colonel where the meat is just perfect!

  • A little bit outside of the city center

My favourite places outside are:

During the day – Brugge;

During the night – Leuven on weekdays.

  • Last question to end this interview. What are your words to live by?

Family, friends & meritocracy.

Thank you for this little interview and see you at Hotel Hubert!