Winter Wonders 2016 – fireworks | © – Pierre Fera

How to Spend a Memorable 2018 New Year´s Eve in Brussels

The Belgian capital is a fantastic place to visit throughout the winter. That said, any New Year´s Eve in Brussels probably caps anything you might experience throughout the rest of the season. This is because – being a diverse city – Brussels has something to offer everyone for their New Year´s Eve experience no matter what their preference happens to be. Of course, staying in the heart of the city on such an auspicious night is a good idea so you can enjoy the revelry and also retire when you choose to without having to organise onward transportation. That’s why Hotel Hubert, ideally located in the city centre in close proximity to Grand Place, make such an excellent base. With your accommodation sorted, what should you plan to see and do over the course of your 2018 New Year´s Eve in Brussels?

Visit the Atomium

Perhaps the most iconic of all the structures within the historic city of Brussels, the Atomium is also one of the most visited. Symbolising progress and modernity, the site of the huge sculpture is the place to head for extravagant New Year´s Eve fireworks in Brussels. A truly spectacular display is staged to see the coming year in with style. Few fireworks in Europe match its scale or originality.

Eat Out in Style

Let’s face it, heading out and about on New Year´s Eve means you can be in for some cold weather. What finer way is there of setting yourself up for a late night than with a hearty meal prepared in a traditional Belgian style? The vaulted roofs of ‘T Kelderke offers a cosy dining experience for a winter’s evening. If you prefer fine dining, however, then a trip to The Restaurant by Pierre Balthazar at The Hotel Brussels may be more your style for a refined New Year´s Eve dinner.

Enjoy the Music Scene

Brussels has plenty of great sounds to sample during New Year´s Eve. Firstly, there is the Happy Brussels set up which allows you to buy a single ticket and then head into somewhere in the region of 50 music venues, as well as clubs and bars, to find the right vibe to meet your expectations. You are guaranteed access with a ticket, even into some of the city’s trendiest nightspots.

Another cool option worth considering is seeing with the company of thousands of other revellers the FCKNYE Festival at Palais 12. This is a big event with thousands of music fans enjoying the latest in hip-hop, drum ‘n’ bass and dubstep.

An Entertaining Way to See the New Year In

If you have time in the afternoon before the excitement really starts, then why not take a trip to the Cathedral of St. Michael and Gudula in Brussels?

Each afternoon, the 49 bells of its charming carillon chime in a wonderfully musical manner. The best place to hear the chimes is from St. Gudula Square, situated just in front of the Cathedral.

Then, head to l’Os à Moelle for some cabaret entertainment. This place is rightly famous for its old-fashioned cabaret-style show which will wow you with anything from top-quality burlesque acts to comedians and divas. Each New Year a special show is staged that goes on into the wee small hours. It is the perfect thing for enjoying entertainment in the warm alongside an appreciative crowd!