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Discover Brussels: Your Musical Adventure Awaits! Brussels a musical Hotspot

Discover Brussels: Your Musical Adventure Awaits! Brussels a musical Hotspot

Brussels is a must-visit destination for music lovers. The Belgian capital is a world-class cultural destination and its vibrant music scene is guaranteed to delight every visitor, whether they’re into jazz, rock, classical, or electronic music. What’s more, Brussels has a packed music events calendar with plenty of concerts and music performances to keep you entertained every month of the year.

Explore Brussels’ rich musical heritage and enjoy a memorable city break during your stay at Hotel Hubert.

Explore the Musical Instrument Museum

Located just a short 15-minute walk from Hotel Hubert, the Musical Instrument Museum (MIM) is a fascinating introduction to the world of music. Home to more than 7,500 instruments from across the globe, the MIM takes you on an interactive journey through musical history, where you’ll discover the connection between music, culture, and human nature.

One of the museum’s galleries offers an immersive and hands-on experience where you can let your inner musician get creative and experiment with new sounds. The gallery is set up with musical instruments from all over the world – you may discover your new favourite here!

Experience the Brussels Jazz Festival

Belgium has had a long love affair with jazz dating back to the 19th century. Every January, the country’s capital city celebrates this love story with the Brussels Jazz Festival. For more than one week, visitors can indulge in the nostalgic and soulful rhythms of jazz at Flagey Cultural Centre, located in the classy Ixelles neighbourhood.

In addition to outstanding jazz performances, the festival offers a range of photo exhibitions and artist talks, all within a short tram ride from Hotel Hubert.

Discover Iconic Concert Venues

Brussels is home to some of the top concert venues in Belgium. Flagey Cultural Centre is the place to go for classical music events. Back in the heart of Brussels is Ancienne Belgique, a convert hall renowned for its perfect acoustics that has been offering the best of contemporary music since the early 20th century. Also in the historical centre is Bozar, an architectural gem and the home of Belgium’s National Orchestra.

Other iconic concert venues within easy reach of Hotel Hubert include Théâtre Molière, great for world music performances, and Les Ateliers Claus, a favourite for modern and indie music.

Check the Music Events Calendar

The music events calendar in Brussels is packed with exciting performances that cater to all preferences and age groups. The Musical Instrument Museum hosts hundreds of concerts every year, and January is a great time to visit if you’re into jazz thanks to the city’s Jazz Festival. Every year in March you have a date with the best alternative electronic music performers at Listen! Festival. If you prefer to visit during the summer, you’ll have tons of options available, including the Brussels Summer Festival, Bruxellons, and many more.

To discover the latest music events in Brussels and plan your itinerary, go to the Visit Brussels website or use the Virtual Concierge at Hotel Hubert.

Unwind at Hotel Hubert

After a day out enjoying the best of the music scene in Brussels, it’s time to relax and unwind at Hotel Hubert. This designer hotel offers everything you may need for a first-class travel experience, including a central location, stylish décor, superb comfort levels in every room, dedicated fitness and games areas, a bar, and a variety of healthy dining options, both in-house and within the hotel’s surrounding area.

Are you visiting Brussels soon to attend a concert? Book your stay at Hotel Hubert and start planning your musical adventure in Brussels!

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