Hubert’s Housewarming

Welcome to my Crib

On September 3rd, Hotel Hubert opened its doors. It was time to throw a party! On September 21st over 200 of our friends came to celebrate the opening of my hotel.

Gourmet Hotdogs

It was only normal that we served some of our delicious Gourmet Hotdogs for the party. Our partner, LA STREETFOOD, even sent their best chef,  Jaap Hamming to make sure everything was as delicious as possible. Our guest really enjoyed tasting our different recipes.

Delicious Gin

As for the drinks, we decided to partner with SHORELINE gins. This amazing gin is nominated as ‘best gin in the world’, and guess what… it’s from Belgium! It’s a unique Premium Gin with no less than 46% alcohol. Let’s say it, the party was wild!!

Killer Salads

Our neighbours, The Foodmaker, also opened their doors on the exact same day. coincidence? I don’t think so!  We asked them to exceptionally open for our opening nights and they played along, serving their killer salads and their exceptional wraps.

A full buffet of delicious produce was prepared by the dedicated team of the shop. And everyone just loved it!

Pillow Fighting

To make it even more fun we hired a DJ and organised a pillow fight! This entire mix made for great pictures and a great video! Check them out on this page! If you didn’t attend, I’m sure you will have regrets! But don’t worry, we are working on making this a regular thing…

On to the next slumber party!! – Hubert