Unleash Your Inner Festivalgoer: Belgium’s Biggest Summer Bashes Await!

In the last decade, music and festivals have been prevalent. People enjoy music and festivals at any time of the year. Good music attracts individuals at any time when people get to socialise and catch up with their friends and loved ones. Individuals can attend several bands and music artists in one place and enjoy local cuisine, shopping, and nightlife.

If you are an individual who is into music and festivals, we have a destination that you will love to be at. This summer, ensure you visit the home of entertainment in Belgium. In this country, you will experience various festivals during this warmer season. You will enjoy all types of songs, including legendary rock anthems, pulsating electronic beats, jazz, blues, chanson, hip hop and many more.

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The Big Booms: Top Belgian Summer Festivals


Tomorrowland is one of the most significant summer events in Boom, Belgium. Tomorrowland has genuinely established itself as a legendary festival because of its elaborate stage designs, jaw-dropping visuals and elite line-ups. This year’s event will take ten days, starting July 19 to 28th of the same month.

Cactus Festival

This year’s Cactus Festival will start from 12th to 14th July. It is a remarkable occasion that provides an extraordinary fusion of community, culture and music in one of Belgium’s most picturesque locations.

The event offers a unique and enlightening experience, regardless of the level of festival experience. Get your ticket today for this incredible and entertaining event.

Ostend Beach Festival

It is among the best events, normally taking place in Ostend City. This festival started in 2010 and has been running ever since, attracting individuals from around the globe. If you are into electronic dance music, then this destination suits you. This year’s event will run from the 12th to the 14th of July.


One of Belgium’s biggest musical extravaganzas is the annual Pukkelpop music festival in Hasselt. The festival’s varied schedule deftly blends well from known to upcoming performers. The event will take four days, from the 15th to the 18th of August.

Couleur Café

It is an annual music event in Brussels where people come to enjoy contemporary urban music from their favourite artists, MCs and DJs. Festivals in Brussels are events you should not miss; here, you will create memorable moments.

It is a 3-day event from the 28th to the 30th of June, so don’t miss out on this electrifying festival.

Moonfield Festival

Moonfield Festival is a two-day event, July 12 to 13th, that hosts a variety of artists from different genres. So there is nothing like focusing on one genre; therefore, there is something to everyone planning to attend. Apart from music, the event offers various workshops and activities, including yoga, meditation, crafts and interactive sessions.

With such activities, individuals can experience personal growth and fun.

Paradise City

Belgium hosts the well-known environmentally conscious music festival, Paradise City Festival, once a year. Renowned for its dedication to eco-friendliness and top-notch electronic dance music, it provides an unrivaled festival experience amidst breathtaking scenery.

It is a three-day event from 28th to 30th June this year. The event’s location is Steenokkerzeel, Belgium.

Gent Jazz Festival

This annual event attracts young adventurers, hipsters, and music lovers worldwide. This festival allows individuals to be entertained by live performances from their favourite artists.

The event also gives room for young and talented musicians, so if you are an upcoming artist, this is an event that you should not miss, as it will provide you with a platform to introduce yourself.

It is a 16-day event, from the 5th to the 20th of July in Ghent, Belgium.

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